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Colegio Karl C. Parrish

Colombia Grade:
Accreditation: Average Class size: 26 School Type:Private Non-Profit | Day | Coeducational | Curriculum:

School Description:

Karl C. Parrish School (KCP) is a world class bilingual U.S-type school with a long-standing reputation for excellence. We are a friendly community where every child and adult is valued and cared for. KCP 's mission is based on strong values, democratic ideals, academic excellence and personal fulfillment. We are committed to teaching our students to become good citizens, ethical leaders, and active participants for a better society. The School is currently transitioning to a Blended Learning model that will effectively incorporate instructional technologies with the best of traditional teaching methods for the development of highly-functioning 21st century classrooms. Teachers who join us must be prepared to participate in a solid program of professional development focused on BL methodologies, formative assessment, the use of data to improve student learning, differentiated instruction, and lesson planning. KCP 's graduates are outstanding students with a distinct profile for success. They consistently gain entry to top-tier universities worldwide. Accredited by AdvancED, KCP maintains ties with a number of organizations that provide opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, demonstrate leadership, sharpen skills, and establish new friendships. Some of these include the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Model United Nations, Character Counts!, Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education, Barranquilla 's American Chamber of Commerce, the College Board, and the U. S. State Department. KCP is located on the outskirts of the city of Barranquilla on Colombia 's Atlantic coast. The 20-acre campus is beautifully landscaped and provides an ideal environment for 780 students and 70 staff members. Classrooms have views of green fields and gardens. Hundreds of shade trees offer shelter to iguanas, squirrels, and song birds. Our facilities are air-conditioned and equipped with wireless access. Resources are similar to those found in the best college preparatory schools. Seven main buildings house 45 classrooms; 3 science labs; a Library/Information/Media center; 2 conference rooms with theater-style seating; 2 outdoor cafeterias; a fine arts building with a second-floor auditorium and first-floor art, music, and dance studios; and administrative offices. Two state-of-the-art learning labs are located in the high school and library. Each classroom is equipped with an Apple TV and each teacher has a laptop and an iPad. 3rd through 12th grade students bring their own devices while 1st and 2nd use classroom sets of laptops. Students and teachers make good use of our sports facilities which include 2 soccer fields, a tennis court, 2 basketball and 2 volleyball courts, a softball field, an open-air gym, and a swimming pool. An air-conditioned gym is being planned for the coming school year. A full-time doctor provides care and assists import teachers with medical needs. Academics are important, but at KCP people come first. Our faculty consists of approximately 80% Colombian and 20% foreign-hire teachers for whom the average length of stay is 4 - 5 years. Teachers are selected for their professional skills, their willingness to commit personally to our 6 core values (Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship), and their commitment to the art and vocation of teaching children and young people. Most of our teachers hold graduate degrees and some are engaged in advanced study, research, or writing. Art exhibits, musical performances, holiday activities, Carnavales, Character Counts! Week, assemblies, sports competitions ... these are just some of the events that teachers help organize throughout the school year. Our PTA lends active and cheerful support, too. These activities give us a chance to integrate, invite families in, and nurture the human dimension that is so important to a well-balanced life. They also make learning more fun for everyone! Teachers receive strong support so they can do their jobs well. They meet frequently by department in Professional Learning Communities (PLC 's) for peer discussion and support. Principals and peers coach, monitor, and offer suggestions. Our Counseling Department consists of 6 psychologists who know every family in the school. They work closely with the Principals, advise students and attend teacher-parent meetings. Counselors and principals meet often to discuss individual students and address matters of concern. Counselors help teach appropriate personal behavior and good decision-making and they provide follow-up for students having difficulties. The Optimal Resource Center (ORC) offers academic and emotional support for students who need more specialized help. KCP 's academic program begins in preschool with a solid foundation in critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving through the Reggio Emilia philosophy, pioneered in Latin America by KCP. The curricular focus of the elementary school builds on these early learning experiences with programs such as Accelerated Reader and Foss Science. The middle and high schools offer increasingly more intensive programs that meet the requirements of the Colombian Ministry of Education as well as AdvancED and lead to the American High School and the Colombian Bachillerato Diplomas. Our students consistently demonstrate competence on standardized testing instruments both in Colombia and internationally. These currently include the Colombian ICFES/Pruebas Saber, and the MAP, PSAT, SAT and AP tests. KCP 's graduates are well-equipped for academic and personal success. They are confident when facing life 's challenges and comfortable in culturally diverse settings. We believe that our six core values are best learned by helping those in need. Under the guidance of a Community Service Coordinator, all students from 1st through 12th grade engage in meaningful activities and fund-raising events in over 25 schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly, orphanages, and foundations. High school students volunteer each year to build homes for the poor. The purpose is to make life a little easier for someone who is less fortunate. Like-minded staff members are always welcome to participate and experience the joy of having a positive impact on someone 's life. All of this is made possible through the efforts of our wonderful KCP staff members! The administration 's most important job is to hire the best available candidates to join our team and support our vision. We seek forward-thinking professionals who will contribute to school improvement in a positive manner. We look for individuals who are energetic, hard-working, self-directed, and open to the views of others. So here is a final, important thought if you are thinking of joining us: Realize that in addition to joining a great school you will be going to a foreign country where culture shock will occur and adjustments will need to be made. Living and working overseas is never the same as at home. The language, customs, and ways of looking at the world are very different from what you are used to in your home country. If you are willing to embrace this, learn from it, and show appreciation for the Colombian culture and for your coworkers, you will stand a good chance of becoming one of us! Teachers who are self-reliant, have a high tolerance for the unexpected, and approach life 's challenges with a calm demeanor and good sense of humor usually have the best chance of being successful in an overseas school environment. If you like what you 've read and feel connected to our philosophy and blended learning model -- contact us and give KCP a try!

Hiring Requirements

Years Experience:2
Certification Required:Yes

Salary and Benefits

Teatcher Salary Range:27,000-31,500 Administrator Salary Range: - Housing: Insurance:Yes Tuition Provided:6400-7500

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