Steering Committee

The Steering committee will define the mission and scope of our Diversity and Women’s Leadership initiatives, as well as develop a comprehensive plan of action to offer structure and direction to the sub-committees. This action plan will anticipate challenges, offer solutions and establish clear goals. This committee will maintain energy by regularly checking up and coordinating between sub-committees. Lastly, this committee will create a public platform to promote our initiatives and establish collaborative partnerships with relevant organizations.   


Pipeline / Search

The Pipeline/Search committee will work to increase job opportunities for diverse candidates by proactively educating recruiters on the benefits and necessity of diversity, as well as on ways to better pursue diverse candidates. This committee will also create and encourage the creation of pipeline programs to promote greater diversity on all levels of an organization, specifically in leadership. This committee will collaborate with relevant organizations and draw inspiration from well-established pipeline programs.


Conferences / Training

The Conferences/Training committee will work to promote our mission at local and regional conferences by initiating affinity groups, leading sessions and presentations on diversity, engaging in grassroots organizing and, lastly, by working on the ISS Mary Anne Haas Women’s Symposium. This committee will expand on current training paradigms, as well as seek out additional conferences that we could attend to better promote our mission. This committee will purposely present our mission to boards, heads and other leaders to increase knowledge of diversity, which aims to promote changes in policy.


The Data committee will review past research and collect new data to help establish a clear picture of the present state of diversity in our field. This committee will collect new data through surveying relevant populations and organize its research with the purpose of sharing its work with peer organizations. Lastly, this committee will use all collected data to suggest definitive ways to refine the scope and direction of our action plan.

Best Practices

The Best Practices committee will research effective methods utilized by other organizations to develop and maintain diversity. From what we gather, this committee will suggest relevant practices to be incorporated into our action plan. This committee will work towards adding tangible impact to our initiative by building coalitions with relevant organizations, as well as seeking affiliation with institutions and accrediting agencies who offer resources that benefit diversity.

Mentoring / Sponsorship & Programs

The Mentoring/Sponsorship Programs committee will create and encourage the creation of mentorships, internships, fellowships and other programs that connect diverse populations with professional resources. This committee will collaborate with relevant organizations that have established professional programs for diverse populations, as well as encourage qualified leaders to offer their experience and expertise as a resource.


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Mentorship/Sponsorship & Programs
Best Practices


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